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$200k Limousine Stolen During Celebrity Fundraiser

A limousine that was donated to a chauffeur a group of celebrities heading to an event in Geelong, was stolen from outside a restaurant while they were enjoying dinner.  Amongst the group were celebrities from the recent reality TV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  The limousine, which was a Chrysler stretch limo is worth $200,000 and was last spotted around 6.30pm on the night.

The loss of the limousine was not the only big news to be gleaned from the evening.  One of the celebs decided to head back to the home of a very famous newly single lady, only to find the paparazzi lying in wait.  A coincidence or set up, we’ll let you be the judge of that one.

Police have indicated that the limousine was stolen after the chauffeur had left it road side to indicate to the passengers where it was located.  Having been gone for only a few minutes, the driver returned only to find the limousine stolen.

Quite understandably, the driver is devastated by the loss of the uniquely expensive vehicle, as the car was to be utilised for a number of other events which now had to be rescheduled.

In a sign of the times, the limousine owners then utilised social media to try and locate it.  Help from the community was overwhelming resulting in the limo being spotted and then finally tracked down.  Unfortunately it was not good news as the limousine was a complete write off.

This is not the first time a social media strategy has had success.  A customer looking for a limo hire Perth service used the same methodology to undertake a quest on the best Perth company to use with great success.

The limousine owner chose to look on the positive side and noted that the situation could have ended a lot worse.  These types of vehicles are very difficult to drive, especially for a novice driver.  He was simply thankful that no one was hurt in a collision.

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Groom Jumps Out of Limo at 70kph Minutes After Getting Married

In what is generally one of the best days of your life, however Lucas and Rebecca Johnson will certainly remember their wedding day for a reason different to most.  Just minutes after completing their vows and en route to their new life together, the groom jumped out of a moving limousine, resulting in the bride attending the reception by herself.

Just hours after the marriage ceremony, Mr Johnson was placed into an induced coma and spent the next five days in a hospital in Gosford.

After taking their wedding day imagery, and on their way to celebrate with their guests, the groom jumped out of the vehicle while travelling at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.   Mr Johnson admitted to 7 news that he was certainly lucky to be alive, however his decision to jump from the moving limo was generated due to high emotional levels and his long term struggle to overcome the grief suffered from his mothers death.

Mr Johnson further advised that it was not a matter of “cold feet”, it was simply a bad time for him.  Despite the sustained injuries, he still has full recollection of his big day, and celebrates it as the best day of his life with his one true love Rebecca.


man jumps from limousine

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After Mr Johnson was rushed to hospital, his new wife made the decision to continue on and attend the wedding reception so that she could be there for all of her family and friends.  Mrs Johnson understood the need for closeness due to the feeling of shock she was experiencing.

When explaining the reason for sharing their story with the world, the couple advised it was a way to respond to the disgusting criticism the pair had received. Mr Johnson shared that people need to be a lot more understanding of mental health issues, which can grab hold and overtake anyone at any time.

The couple is looking forward to celebrating again in the future once the hurt heartache of the experience has eased.

If you yourself are struggling with mental health issues, or know of someone you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or go to their website.


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