Enlist Now - Do Your Part

By Paul McDonald Posted: Oct 9, 01:04 PM

What does Cafe Church have in common with pretty much every other church in the world? Well, aside from the God thing, we have an omnipresent need for volunteers to help set up and pack down the Cafe space on Sunday evenings. It's not glamorous or sexy but every week it needs to be done (unless you want to sit on the floor and not have any biscuits).

The commitment is about half an hour once a month and it's a very simple process. You move some chairs and couches around, turn on some lamps and lay out some food and drink. Voila.. set up done! As an added bonus you even get to set up the space however you like. Some set up and pack down veterans will show you the ropes the first couple of times as well. If you're the kind of person that prefers to stay out of the limelight it is a great way to help keep our community running.

Talk to Allison or someone dragging furniture around on Sunday or if you're the really shy type fill out the online form and someone will email you back:

We're got roster slots begging for your name, let's get them filled!

Last modified by Allison Forrest on October 09, 2012