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Giving to Cafe Church

Why give to Cafe Church?

If you see yourself as a member of this community:

  • one of the things we believe is that everything we have – our possessions, our money, our selves – are gifts from God, given to us for our own well being and also to be used for God's purposes.
  • The reason we give away some of these God-given gifts is to remind ourselves that it is all God's – not ours.  So giving money is a spiritual discipline – we give something away to remind us that the rest of our stuff is actually God's.  We're just managing it on his/her behalf.
  • You can give money, or fill out a slip of paper to offer possessions or volunteer time or a skill.  You could host a dinner.  Or offer time to help with the washing up.

If you're a visitor: 

  • please don't feel obliged in any way, but if you support our values of hospitality, creativity, discipleship and social and environmental justice, and want to support this work, Cafe Church will gratefully accept your financial support. We don’t have heaps of money – in fact we run a deficit budget!

Giving Money to Cafe Church

There are a few options:

1)    The Sock
Put your donation into the sock on Sunday nights.

2)    Direct Debit

Make one off donations or set up a regular donation to Cafe Church.  You can set this up through your bank. 

The Cafe Church account details are:
Name – Glebe Cafe Church UCA Main Account
BSB – 634-634         Account Number – 100025529

3)    Giving Direct
Give regular donations confidentially through the Uniting Church.
No one at Cafe Church will see details of your donation. You can change or cancel the arrangement at any time. 

To set up this up, get hold of a ‘Giving Direct’ donor information pack and fill out the “Direct debit request” form inside.

If you can’t find any Giving Direct packs email Allison in the Cafe Church office, or phone 9518 9413

Last modified by Allison Forrest on April 03, 2012