Cafe Church : Celebrate Exhibition - a word from the curator

Our art show is beginning and growing as we speak. I want to thank those who have already sent in their contributions for the exhibition, that is being launched Sunday 24th March 2  5pm, at Cafe Church Space.

As Francis Ford Coppola says, "An essential element of any art is risk". We really appreciate the risk it takes to share and display something as personal as our creativeness to others. This is not a commercial art gallery but an opportunity to be storytellers of our heart's time with Cafe Church, how it formed us, gave us space for voice, expression, home and life. We are accepting all works, be it poetry, music, videos, paintings, photos, sculpture, memories, history and journals; this list is an exciting example of some of the work being sent in already, as long as it connects with the life and history of this space and people in relationship to each other.

Community is messy, and people's collective experience of Cafe Church over the years is wide ranging. In preparing for this exhibition some people may experience difficult emotions associated with memories. The exhibition itself will help facilitate some reflection on this, but we are also offering a range of other avenues for individuals in April, including: a workshop on marking life's transitions and facilitated group work led by skilled counsellors.

And remember that before the exhibition itself, there will be an Open Art Studio Afternoon 2-4pm 3rd March, which is an opportunity to create or finish work for submission to the exhibition.

Keep sending art, much regards, Naomi Downie (Curator)


Last modified by Allison Forrest on February 26, 2013