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If you'd like to see what some Cafe Churchers are up to in the art & music & writing scenes, check out their blog/gig/exhibition guides...


Naomi Crain - singer songwriter guitarist journalist

Rick Bull aka Deepchild - nu-soul, dubstyles and eclectic deep house


And here's a bunch of links to some great groups and organisations, all well worthy of a visit and all well awesome..


The Transit Lounge - a great e-zine "because life is more than a destination..."

Space for God - another Sydney-based faith community

Moot, UK - art and spirituality gatherings in London (also see Moot Web Log)

TEAR Australia - Christian action among the world's poor

Holy Joes - UK alternative worship community

Proost - alt worship resources

One Small Barking Dog - spiritual multimedia site

Embody - UK art and spirituality online project

Cafe Church Melbourne - yep, they got to the URL first...

Sanctuary Church Online - this will link you straight to a little Flash movie they've made

The Prodigal Project

www.smallfire.org - photos, words and contact details of alternative worship groups and events, mostly UK. Be inspired.

Parabola Magazine - Myth, Tradition & the Search for Meaning

Grace Cathedral - Labyrinth Project

Ship of Fools - the magazine of Christian unrest

Jesus of the Week - looking for the love of Christ in all the wrong places

The Brick Testament - bible verses illustrated with lego

Tangle - 'a global technology company that creates social networking tools for the faith-based and family friendly marketplace.' Some cool user-uploaded videos though

Sydney Alliance - a grassroots organisation to bring people together and enact social change

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